Welcome to the dawn of a new day…the “Day of the Infected”

Be there on ‘Day Zero’ and watch the world as you know it fall into ruin and chaos. Witness the outbreak first hand while trying to survive the ever-growing hordes of infected intent on tracking you down with mindless, murderous purpose.

Will you choose to ally yourself with others, rescue the innocent from peril or strive to keep order. Will you find a way to fight the infection or will you instead choose to take advantage of the situation and look after numero uno above all else?

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100% Free To Play

The game is and always will be totally free to play, no content locked behind paywalls, no hidden extras and definitely no premium gameplay.

DOTI is funded via our unique rewards platform which allows players to earn currency with which to buy weapons, upgrades and skins to use in the game. For those wishing to forego earning credits, we also provide the option to purchase them via the Steam store…this is a totally voluntary option for players who prefer to not use the rewards platform.

Credits and items can also be earned by simply playing the game or through competitive leader-boards and free prize giveaways.

Multiple Game Modes

DOTI will have a variety of ‘instant’ game modes that will offer short ‘hop in’ instances for players to have fun alone or with friends. These will be both PvP and PvE orientated and friendly fire is always on in DOTI.

Instant modes will allow us to test features and game mechanics in a controlled environment while allowing players to enjoy the game.

There will also be a full story-driven simulation mode with RPG elements, faction based missions and player driven consequences.

Simulation mode is planned for the future and will be built and added to by adding in the mechanics and gameplay features from the instant modes.

Player Construction System

DOTI will feature a simple to use build system to allow players to build any size structure. Use it to build a base, a bridge, a blockade, anything you can imagine!

The building system also features physics based destruction. Need to take out an enemy base, just focus on the supports and watch the whole thing come crashing down.


Air, Ground, and Sea Vehicles

DOTI features a wide variety of vehicles for all of your traveling and combat needs.  Some vehicles are made for civilian use and are great for getting from point A to point B, while others bring massive firepower into the battle.

Leverage air vehicles to get across the map quickly or load up your friends into a C-130 Gunship to bring wide-spread destruction to all of your foes below. Hop on a jet-ski and fly through rivers or commandeer a Navy Destroyer and laugh while blowing up your enemies.

On land, in the air, and on the sea you’ll find the perfect vehicle for your needs. The only question you need to ask yourself is who will you let in the vehicles with you?

Win Cash With Our Tournaments

With our monthly tournaments all players have the ability to earn real cash prizes! There are multiple types of tournaments running throughout the month to give all players a chance to win.

Team up with your favorite YouTube/Twitch streamers and battle it out for the top cash prizes each month.

We have prizes for the top earners on the rewards platform as well as the top players for different game modes each month!

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Development Update – A Christmas Stocking full of Goodies

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Development Update – Choppers, Crops and Carriageways

Today is a perfect day, well actually it’s ‘National Parfait Day’...same difference. Ingredients include ice cream, whipped cream, fruit and liqueurs. It all sounds pretty parfait to us! Sadly we don’t have any parfait for you to enjoy, so you will have to partake of...

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Development Update – Hair, Hats and Haulage

So, survivor, we meet again for another juicy dose of feculent infection. Are we all ready to see what the downtrodden minions have been slaving over since we last entered the murky depths of Holy Fire Central? Then form a line and follow... Hair, Hats and...

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Development Update – Whining, Dining and Refining

Welcome back to all you curiously curious followers of ‘The Day of the Infected’. Checking the HFG calendar, I see that today is both ‘Internal Medicine’ and ‘Chocolate’ day. I don’t know about you, but I consider chocolate to be the ultimate in medicinal cuisine, it...

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Development Update – Sights, Sounds & Signs of DOTI

Welcome to all you bald, sorry bold survivors, to DevLog #31. Another fortnight of coding, modelling, animating and much more. This is a special day for the follically challenged, today is ‘Be Bald and Be Free’ day. A day close to the hearts of our shiny noggin’d duo,...

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Development Focus #1 – Character Model Special

Welcome to this, the first special edition of the Infected Files. From time to time, we intend to publish these specials to focus on and highlight particular areas of DOTI’s development. These specials will usually be in addition to the scheduled bi-weekly DevLogs....

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Development Update – Take a Ride to Hell ‘n’ Back

Devlog Delivery Update Over the past few months, we here at Holy Fire games have been working to produce a much higher quality experience in comparison to earlier builds of the game. This, together with many of our team working on the background tech, has affected the...

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Development Update – Monstrously Mutated Munitions!

Greetings fellow survivors! Come, walk with us as we tread the winding trail down into the dark woods, for today is National Teddy Bear Day. We hear there may a few surprises and maybe even some light refreshments to be had down in the dank and murky interior of the...

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