Welcome back to all you curiously curious followers of ‘The Day of the Infected’.

Checking the HFG calendar, I see that today is both ‘Internal Medicine’ and ‘Chocolate’ day. I don’t know about you, but I consider chocolate to be the ultimate in medicinal cuisine, it tastes great too!

So, while we’re all on a choccy induced sugar high, let’s pop into Holy Fire Central and catch a glimpse of what the glucose-fueled Lumpahumpahs have been creating this time.


The World of DOTI

More progress this week on the world-building front. The team are going all out to make the world feel lived in with and even fought over. Part of the current work is upgrading and improving on our existing buildings and the urban environment. Everything is getting a polish, from garages to sidewalks, signage to street lighting.

Images of a few locations contained in the new test map that is under construction. We think that, compared to earlier test builds, the world is looking richer and far more atmospheric and the improved lighting serves to highlight this even more.

As a part of this ongoing process, we have been allocating time to our world vegetation system. Optimising, improving and adding an extra layer of green-fingered gorgeousness to the natural world DOTI.


Props – Dining in Style

Once again, we have another selection of props for you. This week it looks like we’ll all soon be able to dine out with friends and infected relatives with the addition of this new set of diner pops.

The set contains some of the hundred-plus, new props added to our toolbox recently and more are being added weekly! Every new accessory brings that little bit extra to the troubled world of the Canard quarantine zone.


Infected AI

Our domesticated horde of infected has also seen some cautious love over the last few weeks. We are currently working on their Artificial Intelligence, increasing their alertness, aggressiveness, agility and probably a whole host of other things beginning with ‘A’.

The team has spent many hours poking the poor creatures with sharp pointy sticks in order to get rile em up. By the time we have finished, the infected won’t hesitate to rip your throat out if you get too close.



The audiophiles of our Sound Effects team have been busy working on the environmental audio for our world. This is alongside an update pass on our weapon SFX. Much of the audio is still a work in progress but here are a few short samples of our sniper gunfire.



Character Accessories

For all, you fashion-conscious survivors, we are creating an exclusive range of clothing, accessories and adornments to help you find that distinctive look for the apocalypse. We aim to cater to all tastes, from the serious prepper to the wacky clown and all occasions from a fun day at the beach to storming an infected nest! You could even take the fight to the horde wearing your beachwear, and we would be curious to discover the combat effectiveness of flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt.

Below, are a few early samples of a few of the items in the planned ‘headgear’ range. They still require the addition of textures and a splash of colour, but we hope to be able to show them off in all their glory soon.


* Baseball cap, Bunny ears (essential headgear for any serious survivor) and Headphones


* Surgical Mask, Balaclava and Eyepatch


* Goggles, shades and Spectacles


Vehicle Breaking

Improvements to our vehicle mechanics continue. This time, the boffins of the vehicular persuasion, have been testing and tweaking vehicle braking as part of a vehicle control pass. This work centres around the vehicle’s physical responses to braking and direction change.

The short video below demonstrates a few of our vehicles during this process.


Ah, here we are again…It seems that someone has stolen my last chocolate Oreo, bringing our sugar-fueled meander through the inner sanctum of Holy Fire Games to an end for this edition. So, until next time…stay healthy and don’t let those moaning neighbours bite!