Day of the Infected Development Team

We are a small but dedicated team building out Day of the Infected! Learn more about each of us below.


CEO Holy Fire Games & Project Manager

Wielder of the sacred whip, commander of the heathen horde and master of the unworthy…If it doesn’t work it’s all his fault.

Age: 35

Location: Iowa United States


Lead Programmer

“To XOR OR NOT to XOR? That is the question” … Just ask Ben, he will probably know the answer.

Age: 24

Location: England UK


Creative Copywriter

Destroyer of words and bane of punctuation, no sentence is safe, no paragraph beyond corruption!

Age: 55

Location: England UK


Level Designer & Editor

… and on the eighth day, James looked out upon the emptiness and took up his tools to create a better place. A place of death and despair, a world in which even the hunter can become the hunted!

Age: 25

Location: California USA


Technical Artist

Manipulator of pixels, distorter of dimensions,  and purveyor of polygons, his creations will transport you to hell and maybe even back again!

Age: 25

Location: Sweden

Preston Baker

Game Designer & 3D Modeller

A dreamer of lucid dreams, builder of dark nightmares, bricklayer to the once rich and famous.

Age: 26

Location: Iowa USA


Audio Engineer

Hark! The roar of engines, the pew-pew of gunfire and the ambient sounds of panic, it seems Adam is out getting lunch at the drive-through again.

Age 25

Location: Hungary


Web Developer

If JavaScript errors were zombies, there would be no beating this guy. Mike’s armour is a console log and his weapon of choice is code. He’s the spider at the heart of our web!

Age 44

Location: Texas USA


Customer Support

If you have a problem… if no one else can help… and if you can find her… maybe Leann can help!

Age 51

Location: Kansas USA

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