Added – [Cuyi] Server; check client version to restrict access when running a different version
Added – [Adam] Vehicle; modular truck sound, made it drivable in the vehicle demo
Added – [Ben] Item; medkit Added – [Ben] Menu; background music
Added – [Ben] ClientCharacter; new screen health effects (Chilli)
Added – [Ben] Health; OnHealed event; called when health is increased
Added – [Chilli] Vehicles; “Skylift” helicopter (is parked inside military base hangar)
Added – [Chilli] Vehicles; “Vehicle_GenericWheel” for when only passive wheels are needed, multi-rotor shader, updated old single-rotor shader & related models, suspension reaction force to Generic Wheel. Misc force adjustment for HeliPhysics
Added – [Chilli] Effects; FullscreenDamageIndicator and MarkerHologram
Added – [Cuyi] Builder; added build support for development scenes
Added – [Cuyi] Leaderboard; tracking player’s kills, deaths and zombie kills
Added – [Cuyi] HUD; leaderboard UI visible by pressing tab
Changed – [Ben] Project Settings; scripting runtime now uses .net 4.x, scripting backend now uses IL2CPP
Changed – [Ben] Whiplash Winter; improved OC, navmesh and re-baked unbaked lighting
Changed – [Cuyi] King of the Hill; new HUD markers for hills
Changed – [Cuyi] POI; made poi capture progress degeneration slower
Changed – [Cuyi] Server; stop using extra scene to create game room
Changed – [Ben] Whiplash Winter; fog now only shows around the lake, military base and cave, decreased torch intensity, improved colour vibrance
Changed – [Ben] CharacterCamera; post effect adjustments
Changed – [Ben, Cuyi] DOTIBuilder; now only launched the build if the build was successful
Changed – [Ben] Health; events now include the value change (how many the health has changed by)
Changed – [Cuyi] KotH; increased POI degeneration rate from 0 to 2
Changed – [Cuyi] KotH; using new visuals for hill markers (Chilli)
Changed – [Cuyi] Login; custom login will be attempted after steam has failed
Fixed – [Ben] Particles; purple blood particles, fire effects
Fixed – [Ben] UIFeaturedArticle; date time compliance issues with .net 4.x
Fixed – [Ben] DefaultBallisticObject; players can’t hurt other players
Fixed – [Ben] ConnectionToMaster; race issues
Fixed – [Ben] ClientSocketWs; uri compliance issues
Fixed – [Cuyi] Misc; Compilation errors caused by degeneration rate
Fixed – [Cuyi] Choose Gear; modal windows would briefly show on player death
Fixed – [Cuyi] Notifications; some kill notifications where lost when the killer died too quickly
Fixed – [Cuyi] Client; reconnecting after disconnect would cause errors due to game mode not being reset
Fixed – [Cuyi] King of the Hill; the close hill UI bar would show full once captured
Fixed – [James] Particles; dotted particles
Fixed – [Ben] Whiplash Winter; plane fire lighting shining through rocks, zombies could walk through rocks near plane POI
Fixed – [Ben] ItemFXHandler; no longer requires a particle effect to be active
Fixed – [Ben] Menu; Settings; master slider was under the chat heading
Fixed – [Chilli] Camera; Camera floor detection false positives (no more camera jumping when driving under low roofs)
Fixed – [Chilli] Vehicles; model error on Modular Truck, single-frame error in CarPhysics.
Fixed – [Cuyi] SpawnItem; Weapon spawn prefab was not setup correctly
Fixed – [Cuyi] HUD; game mode UI was still visible after player death
Fixed – [Cuyi] DOTIBuilder; start develpoment buttons were not working due to lack of build report
Fixed – [Cuyi] KotH; some hill markers where wrongly positioned and scaled