Added – [Adam, Chilli] Vehicles demo!
Added – [Cuyi] Main Menu; poll button in home
Added – [Cuyi] Shadow settings to settings menu
Added – [Cuyi] Server Browser; show ping to server
Added – [Cuyi] Server Browser; show server country
Changed – [Ben] Menu; decreased item tile size on gear selection screen
Changed – [Ben] Menu; changed camera background to black to stop edge bleed
Changed – [Ben] Ammo; ammo objects now use a GPU instanced PBR material
Changed – [Cuyi] Main Menu; hide daily reward button when already claimed
Changed – [Cuyi] HUD; improve style of weapon info text in circle selector
Changed – [Cuyi] HUD; make compass scale with resolution
Changed – [Cuyi] Menu; update daily tasks urls
Changed – [James] Whiplash; Setup colliders ready for vehicles
Changed – [James] Weapons; are now instanced and use PBR materials
Fixed – [Ben] Weapon; dps was incorrectly shown on weapon tooltips
Fixed – [Ben] Whiplash; duplicate ammo spawners
Fixed – [Ben] Whiplash; duplicate zombie spawners
Fixed – [Ben] Spawner; could spawn one extra particle effect on game entry
Fixed – [Ben] ClientCharacter; players can no longer wall climb
Fixed – [Cuyi] Main Menu; Correctly hide daily rewards and polls buttons on game start.
Fixed – [Cuyi] Game UI; fixed settings not working
Fixed – [James] Misc; fixed combat smg position