Added – [Cuyi] UI; setup new and improved openening menu, server browser and settings menu
Added – [James] Whiplash; ammo spawn can now be found inside the gazebo
Changed – [Ben] Capture; the enemy marker perk is no longer always active; it now pings with a delay inbetween
Changed – [Cuyi] UI; loading screen now shows DOTI concept art and useful tips!
Changed – [Cuyi] UI; gear selection screen revamped
Fixed – [Adam] Audio; audio performance and balance improvements
Fixed – [Ben] Game Mode; would continue to run after being kicked / disconnected from a game
Fixed – [Ben] Network; unexpected timeout (kicked from game)
Fixed – [Cuyi] Settings; resolution options are now correct with refresh rates listed
Fixed – [James] Weapons; pistol and sniper rates rates adjusted
Fixed – [James] Whiplash; misc missing ballistic materials and colliders