Added – [Adam] ambient wind sound that changes with elevation on Whiplash Winter
Added – [Adam] Added player hurt and death sounds plus other small audio tweaks
Added – [James] Added lights to military base and cave
Changed – [Adam] Adjusted sniper scope sensitivity
Changed – [Ben] Gear Selection; shop button url
Changed – [Ben] Spawner; decreased spawner collider size from 1.5m to 1m
Changed – [Ben] Trees; enabled GPU instancing
Changed – [Ben] Scores; team names are now coloured to match team colour
Changed – [Ben] Escape Menu; now shows voice and text chat controls
Changed – [James] Adjusted pistol damage accordingly
Fixed – [Ben] Scores; score screen always showed red team as the winning team
Fixed – [Ben] NotificationManager; red team killing blue team showed up as red team killing red team