Added – [Adam] Added FMOD, set up engine sounds in the demo scene (not final yet)
Added – [Ben] ClientCharacter; friendly fire (players can no longer hurt team-mates)
Added – [Cuyi] Set team skin on gear selection
Added – [Cuyi] Add falloff to proximity chat
Changed – [Adam] Audio listener now faces camera direction
Changed – [Ben] GraphicsSettings; added flare_depthculled shader
Changed – [Ben] SkyboxAmbientLighting; now a percentage scaler (0-1) on distribution percentage
Changed – [Ben] Spawner; now de-spawns after 2 minutes instead of 5
Changed – [Ben] Advanced Assault Rifle; disabled laser and flash light
Changed – [Ben] Changed – User Reporting; updated sdk
Changed – [Ben] CharacterCombat; spread is no longer affected by rarity level
Changed – [Ben] Capture; increased nametag view distance to 1000m
Changed – [Cuyi] Improve chat font legibility
Changed – [Cuyi] Refresh user inventory on loadout validation to take potential weapon buys into consideration
Changed – [James] Updated light probes to remove glowing elements
Changed – [James] Zombie spawn locations
Changed – [James] Disabled medkit spawners
Changed – [James] Weapon fire rates
Changed – [James] Ambient lighting
Fixed – [Ben] Winter_Whiplash; missing OC
Fixed – [Ben] Zombie; animations
Fixed – [Ben] Character; body snapping when reloading (and other oddities, will be refined as time goes on)
Fixed – [Ben] Sniper Rifle; would break when reloading
Fixed – [Ben] Character; players would struggle to shoot others (projectiles would pass through)
Fixed – [Ben] Synchroniser_TeamManager; argument out of range when player leaves server
Fixed – [Ben] ServerCharacter; 0 fire rate weapons would deal no damage
Fixed – [Ben] Ambient_Skylight; washed out character during gear selection screen
Fixed – [Ben] CharacterCamera; camera collided with player damage model
Fixed – [Ben] Revolver; would break if trying to reload more than 1 bullet
Fixed – [Ben] CharacterCombat; reloading one-by-one would consume your current ammo count + 1 instead of just the ammo that was loaded
Fixed – [Ben] CharacterCombat; changing weapon while reloading could stop the player from being able to shoot
Fixed – [Ben] Character Animator; will now exit during any weapon state
Fixed – [Cuyi] fix enabling of HlapiPlayer issues
Fixed – [James] Flickering lamp posts
Fixed – [James] Incorrect Weapon positions
Fixed – [James] Missing colliders