Added – [Adam] Footsteps & gun sounds: done
Added – [Adam] Implemented hitmarker sounds
Added – [Ben] SkyboxAmbientLighting; now uses a prefab with set children to handle lighting; child lights are configured with a % of the set keyed values
Added – [Ben] Assets; frost UI
Added – [Ben] POICapture; RefreshPOIMarkers function; updates the POI markers with the correct currently synced values
Added – [Ben] Scenes; Animations; test scene for new animations
Added – [Chilli] Pushing magical Vehicle Demo scene changes
Added – [Chilli] Directional hit marker, for when the player is hit
Added – [Chilli] readded vehicle inputs
Added – [Cuyi] text chat UI prefabs
Added – [Cuyi] Name dissonance comms according to player name
Added – [Cuyi] Make dissonance sphere collider a trigger
Added – [Cuyi] Add voice chat messages to team chat UI
Added – [James] bakery update/build
Added – [James] vehicle demo additions
Added – [James] Vehicle demo light bake
Added – [James] Additional lights added
Added – [James] 5 texel light build
Changed – [Adam] Weapon reload sounds are playing in master audio
Changed – [Adam] Tweaked gun echo
Changed – [Ben] Synchroniser_PerkManager; event subscriber method name (for clarity)
Changed – [Ben] Synchroniser_POICapture; broke down events into operations
Changed – [Ben] POICapture; poi markers are now reset when a game mode restarts
Changed – [Ben] NameTags; re-enabled nametags
Changed – [Ben] Skybox; ambient lighting settings
Changed – [Ben] WhiplashWinter; updated navmesh
Changed – [Cuyi] Updating Dissonance to 6.3.0
Changed – [Cuyi] Update Dissonance Integrations to 6.3.0
Changed – [Cuyi] Give same spacing to top and bottom paddings
Changed – [James] Terrain repaint and sculpt
Changed – [James] Flare update.
Fixed – [Adam] Footsteps for zombies
Fixed – [Adam] Broken weapon sound assignments
Fixed – [Adam] Fixed light assault rifle sound
Fixed – [Ben] ClientCharacter; missing audio component
Fixed – [Ben] GameModeManager; now correctly initialises later joining players
Fixed – [Ben] ClientCharacter; correctly sets pre-existing user display names
Fixed – [Ben] CharacterMovement; jump hit detection would collide with UI elements
Fixed – [Ben] Removed – csproj files
Fixed – [Ben] Particle Effects; missing muzzle flash sprites, zombie gore effect looked weird
Fixed – [Chilli] Vehicle prefab correction
Fixed – [Chilli] Corrected InputManager
Fixed – [Cuyi] Missing chat changes
Fixed – [Cuyi] Team chat mode and UI styling
Fixed – [Cuyi] Voice chat text pool prefab
Fixed – [Cuyi] Prefabs strings
Fixed – [James] misc map fixes
Fixed – [James] Resolved baking issue
Fixed – [James] misc fixes, smg pivot, colliders, terrain painting