Added – ServerCharacter; join / leave notifications (WIP)
Added – Character; name tags
Added – Audio; new assault rifle sfx
Added – AssetStore; farland skies, fmaa
Added – Skybox; Skybox; handles skybox time of day
Added – TimeOfDaySensor; military flood lights now flicker on/off when turned on
Added – Lighting; TimeOfDaySensor; sensor for detecting time of day
Added – Skybox; SkyboxAmbientLighting; updates scene ambient lighting with realtime skybox colour
Added – NotificationManager; notification colours
Added – Map; all flood lights now turn on / off between night and day
Added – ClientCharactrer; reloading now unscopes you while sniping
Changed – CharacterCamera; tweaked post effect settings
Changed – Audio; weapon falloff values
Changed – CharacterUI; display name now fades based on distance
Changed – Character; character occlusion shader now dithers
Changed – Lighting; removed blendprobes, now uses gradient ambient lighting
Changed – Skybox; reduced moon / sun size, time is now set instantly when joining
Changed – Terrain; improved grass
Changed – Health; reduced damage multiplier
Changed – NotificationManager; revamped how notitications are handled
Fixed – CharacterAnimator; could throw an error if network messages were received before intilization completed
Fixed – Menu; only the upper part of the exit button could be clicked
Fixed – JsonParserException; obsolete warning
Fixed – Notification; would not fade with custom colours
Fixed – NotificationManager; death notification when player leaves
Fixed – CharacterUI; error if someone disconnected while next to you
Fixed – CharacterUI; name tags would stay visible if the player died near you
Fixed – ClientCharacter; you could see players floating while they were in the gear selection screen
Fixed – ClientCharacter; scope would remain visible when dying while scoped in
Fixed – ClientCharacter; you could see name tags of dead players
Fixed – Skybox; lighting would reverse when reaching midnight, pink lighting