We’re launching two tournaments starting November 1st with almost $4,000 in cash prizes! These two tournaments will run the entire month of November.

One tournament is for the top 50 players who earn the most credits through the rewards platform, and the other is for the top 50 players who earn the most in-game points by killing zombies and other players!

Cash prizes range from $500 – $10 for each tournament. We plan on running these tournaments monthly and hopefully the prize pool will continue to grow each month.

To learn more about the tournament and check rankings click the button below!

New Game Mode

We’ve also been working hard on a new game mode! This mode features two teams trying to capture multiple points of interests throughout the map that each give special buffs to the team who holds them. We’re getting very close to releasing this new game mode so be sure to stay tuned to our updates!

Here are a few screenshots of the new map and game mode.