Hey there! We’ve just updated the public server to version This update brings a TON of new features to DOTI. This is probably the biggest update we’ve had since we started. We’re bringing the public server from version 0.1.5 all the way up to

– Tons of changes with this new build. You can now bring gear in from the reward platform.

– You now pick up objects by looking at it and pressing “F”

– “E” is your weapon wheel still.

– “T” = Push to talk (voip – global right now, will be proximity based soon)

– You can mute all voice chat in your settings menu

– There’s a spawn shield for 10 seconds that protects you from damage, and you can’t shoot out either.

– Zombies have a chance to drop credits, these are used on the rewards platform.

– Players drop their gear upon death or disconnection from server.

– Tons of new weapons added. (Ignore the sounds / animations, they all still need to be updated, we just wanted to get all of the models in-game.)

We’re working on making the voice chat proximity based as well as bringing in more control for audio levels in the settings menu. We’re also working on weapon scopes, custom key mapping, hit markers, and much more!

Let us know what you think of the the latest update in our discord server:

To read the full patch notes check out the main menu in-game.