Greetings fellow disinfected, and welcome aboard this weeks ride on the DOTI ‘Blog-pocalypse’ roller coaster.

BREAKING NEWS JUST IN…Reports are coming in that ‘Day of the Infected’ is looking good for an early June public release on Steam Early Access…more news to follow next week so stay tuned survivor!

To coincide with the upcoming launch, the Community Poll will be returning to give players and backers a say in the direction we take as we continue to expand the game over the coming months.

This week brought the completion of much of the significant back-end work for the new ‘Survival’ game mode. All the ingredients have been poured into the blender, and the cake is now baking in the oven into a delicious playable test build. For dessert, the dev team are looking forward to the ubiquitous gnashing of teeth, the lamentation of the code and pesky bug fixing…So what precisely have the team been up to this week?


World Building

The new terrain map for the Survival mode has been completed giving us an initial play area of 1.5km x 2.0km which is a whopping 3x bigger than the current ‘Whiplash’ map which will mean you are really going to need those sweet rides we have lined up. As we move forward, we will incrementally increase the map size, play area, playable content and add a variety of biomes for you to explore.

The new map was produced procedurally using our custom in-built system. This system will provide us with the powers of a minor deity and allow us to build maps much faster. So in the future, you will all be able to find your own secluded spot to build a home, a place in which to cower in abject fear.

The Holy Fire gardener is busy working their green-fingered magic on our new grass system to bring a lovely lush verdant feel to the world. We are sure you are all itching to run barefoot through the blood soaked meadows of Canard county…I know I am!


Character Model

We continue to improve and polish the animations for our new character model, smoothing out movement and animated actions.

The new recruits are still in basic training and receiving some severe beastings from our in-house training team. Some way to go yet, but the Master Sergeant and his dedicated team will soon whip them into shape!


Haunting music continues to mysteriously rise from the dark, dank bowels of Holy Fire central. Strange melodies that echo down corridors to haunt our thoughts as we work into the small hours…noisy neighbours or mad composer…nobody knows!

And, here for your listening pleasure, are two short examples of the original music score for DOTI. We think you will agree they will really set the mood for the chaos to come!

Echoes From the Deep sample 

Fear of the Unknown 

own in the armoury, the Holy Fire armourers are busy redesigning and refitting our extensive range of personal weaponry. As an added bonus, they are also looking at adding cosmetic skin support, so you will be able to pimp your chosen weapons and see off those pesky infected with a touch of personalised style!


Bitesize Lore

In the first weeks of the outbreak, local TV networks, radio stations and newspapers were awash with horrific tales of unexplained violence and cruel insanity. In the once peaceful town of Canard, children attacked parents, the elderly murdered carers and clowns dined out on the innocent, unsuspecting populace.

Within a week, the morgues overflowed with the unfortunate victims of once peaceful residents now fall upon the weak and innocent. At first, the attacks were solitary, but soon the infected began to gather in packs to prowl the eerily empty streets of the once vibrant town.

Hope came to the terrified town the morning the military rolled into town but all too soon that hope faded and they also began to fall to the virus. Hope turned to dismay and calm became panic as society inexplicably slipped into chaos. Anarchy reigned, and armed vigilantes roamed the streets to hunt the infected while the local authorities finally lost control.

That’s it for this week, everything is coming along nicely, nothing can go wrong now…Next week we will be revealing more on when, where, and how we will be releasing DOTI to you and the rest of unsuspecting peoples of this round thing (it is, I checked) we call home.

So, until next time, keep your doors locked and a shotty by the bed. You can never be sure just who or what will have the midnight munchies and come a knocking!


Latest Updates

Added – Editor; DOTI_AutoMapSetup; takes terrain chunk and splat exports, places them in the scene; complete with materials and textures
Added – Shaders; TerrainCustomShader system
Added – Vehicles; Scout Car, Panel Van (early model)
Added – Materials; a centralized way to handle ballistics and physics for materials
Added – DB Tool; include required localization libraries
Added – Main Menu; connection status UI (you’ll now be able to see your connection status to our servers)
Added – World; terrain tiles and splats
Added – Buildings; bathroom to the main room in hotel, sofas and coffee table to empty space in Grocery Shop

Changed – Vehicles; bus & badger (ex-duo) sound improvements
Changed – Character; migrated locomotion changes, animation controller, migrated weapon recoil, hand IK
Changed – Vehicles; minor vehicle fixes & improvements
Changed – DB Tool; synchronized character model with the current table structure
Changed – DB Tool; improved error logging on queries
Changed – Player Account; using barebones for player login instead of playfab
Changed – Server; rework client version check
Changed – DB; use long for steam id,  made all DB calls asynchronous
Changed – UI Fade; improved how the screen fade is handled on map load and player spawn

Fixed – DB Tool; rows with joined columns would fail to update
Fixed – Server; serialization error on master server scene
Fixed – Ballistics; materials weren’t working on standalone builds

Currently in the works:

Bullet travel sounds
Character migration
Character clothes, resizing character hands
Grass system
Server configurations
Terrain setup, building setup
Revamping of weapons, building setup
Building creation