Ah Easter, the Mardi Gras of egg-dom and also time to have a quick look behind the Holy Fire easter bunny to see what the egg painters have been up to this week!

As mentioned last week, the whole team has now moved onto the development of our new game mode ‘Survival Mode’ which is slated for release very soon.


So what the heck is Survival Mode?

Survival Mode is where we have always been heading, the smaller game modes have helped us build and test the core features for us to build it. Quick ‘hop in’ modes will remain but for now, we will be concentrating on the main goal…Survival Mode!

The aim is to produce a more rounded game mode with semi-persistent player progress. Games will not end when you log out, you will instead be able to pick up right where you were while the world itself will have continued to move on in your absence.

This new mode will include factions, missions, co-op play, player bases, vehicles, inventory and trading systems, health and sickness, to name just a few.

This week we have been working on the development of key mechanics such as a customisable player inventory system, character/player persistence between game sessions, new buildings and continued to work on the new character model (see below for full update)

We will provide more tantalising glimpses behind the curtain as we move forward towards the initial launch but for now, here are a few things we have been tinkering with.

Why have one rotor when you can have two!?

As some of you may have seen in our recent stream, the Chinook inspired helicopter is beginning to take shape. No news on when aircraft will be implemented but here is a sneak peek:



It’s Aliiiive!!! Well nearly

We are moving ever closer to the release of our new and long-awaited character model upgrade. If all goes to plan the new model will be released very soon so keep those eyes peeled!



We hope you are excited about what is ahead, who doesn’t love a nice rabbit stew!

Our weekly playtest is postponed this week for administration reasons. Our apologies, we will get back on that particular horse hopefully, next week.

That’s it for this week, keep watching for more news and reveals as we move closer to the launch of the new Survival Mode.