Greetings and salutations to all you budding heroes out there and a whispered hi to those cowering beneath the table. Another week passes on the road to apocalyptic goodness so, what’s new down at Holy Fire central, what do we have to show you this week?


World Building

Green-fingered members of the team have continued work on the new terrain vegetation generator that will allow us to quickly generate and place grass, trees and customise the terrain texturing of our maps.

*Note: This is still a work in progress and we continue to work on this system


We are also building a procedural road placement system which will give us the ability to outline a road network and then allow the generator to place the roads onto the map, sculpting the terrain in the process to provide a more natural feel.

* Note: colours displayed in the pictures shown are not indicative of actual terrain, they are a result of the pictures being taken within our editor.


Thou shall not pass!

With the wildfire spread of such a nasty infection, the area affected by the outbreak has been placed under strict quarantine. No one can leave, all must suffer, and all will be destined to cry salty tears of despair. The authorities have therefore erected a barrier that prevents you naughty potential escapees from running amok to spread your germs to the general populace beyond.

The play area will be enclosed within an invisible barrier that will prevent players from exiting the play area and becoming ‘out of bounds’. As can be seen in the video above, the barrier will become visible as a player approaches it and will fade once they have moved away. This barrier will expand as the play area expands with future updates.


Construction system

We have the builders in! A team of construction specialists are, as we speak hard at work on our building system. This system will allow players to build bases of varying complexity and size together with the ability to add facilities such as storage, defences or just somewhere to hang that proverbial hat. Development of this system is at an early stage, but we hope we will have something to show in the near future.


Quality of Life Stuff

Splash screens, that appear when players start-up the game, will now be skippable at the mere press of any key.

Our leaderboards are now global, allowing player stats to be persistent across games.

We are also continuing to streamline and polish our new UI for the upcoming Survival mode.



Orchestral Magic

Now a little aural treat for the music lovers out there. This weeks piece is entitled “Movement in the Night”. So slap on your headphones, turn up the volume and enjoy!



Vehicle Spotlight: The Badger Cajun

The Badger Cajun is built by Miasma Motors and produced in their factory in nearby Canard. It is a retro styled pickup truck, a throwback to the glory years of the 1940s right down to the gas-guzzling, oil leaking and unnecessarily noisy engine. It is a firm favourite with teenage joy riders, moonshine runners and local ranchers. The Badger comes in a variety of colours to suit all tastes, ask at your local dealer for details of the full options available.

Bitesize Lore

Time to take a look at another of Canard counties manufacturers. This week it is the turn of PRO-Falaktik Tyres. They provide employment for around fifty workers in their state of the art, semi-automated factory located in Canard county. The company is a world leader in tyre safety and reliability. They pride themselves on manufacturing the safest, most reliable rubber an auto lover can buy!

If you love your ride, use PRO-Falaktik.

That’s it for this week folks, tune in next week for more thrills and spills on the DOTI rollercoaster. In the meantime, don’t forget the ‘King of the Hill’ game mode is still live 24/7 so why not hop on and help cull the diseased population some, even better take a friend or two in with you.


Development notes:

Added – SFX; bullet travel sounds, bullet impact sounds, big audio performance fixes

Added – ProceduralVegetationGenerator; procedural support for custom terrain texturing, vegetation placement and shading

Added – Game Server; added configuration options for pvp or PvE game servers

Added – Leaderboard; leaderboard is now persistent across plays, global leaderboard tracking stats between games

Added – Splash Screen; support for partner logos, ability to skip with any key


Changed – DOTI_AutoMapSetup; now supports non-square terrains

Changed – Character; update how the player’s name is assigned to characters

Changed – Inventory UI; mirroring character equipment on inventory preview

Changed – Steam Login; changed login key to avoid clashes

Changed – Menu UI; updated player credits description text

Changed – Ludilo; make non-generic game events also use an interface for listeners

Changed – Server; added a centralized config for game servers

Changed – DB tool; allow join chains between models

Changed – DOTI Builder; correctly handle server only libraries’ imports


Fixed – Sustenance UI; icons aspect ratio


Currently in the works

Helicopter sfx

Terrain builder

Character animations

Terrain fog wall

PvE / PvP, inventory setup

Terrain setup and building setup

Construction system

Revamping of weapons