Today is an important day for us all here at Holy Fire Games. As I am sure you are all aware, today is “International Fairy Day”. A splodge of fantasy, a smidge of imagination and a sprinkling of fairy dust is all the help we need on our magical journey along the development trail.

So what have we crew of slave fairies been up to, down in the grotto this week?


Musical Moments

This week’s aural offering for your listening pleasure is called ‘Canard Tales’ and is taken from our original score. Just sit back, plug in, tune out and enjoy!

Canard Tales


Down on the Range

We finally got Clyde into some clothes and down onto the range for some much-needed firearms training.


Looking good Clyde…now just keep it pointing down range, please!


Construction Corner

Our first town is coming along nicely, this week we have been fleshing out the environment and populating the streets and buildings with suitable props to enhance the ambience. It is amazing how small details complete the big picture.

We also continue to move forward with the modelling of our new POIs. First up is the electric sub-station that we previewed a few weeks ago. Still awaiting texturing but we think it looks pretty cools as is! Now it is finally off the paper and can be seen in glorious 3D we cannot wait to get it in-engine and explore to find all those sneaky, sniper vantage points.


Bitesize Lore

Another of Canard’s resident manufacturers is ‘BBT Trucks & Commercial’ vehicles. BBT fondly referred to by locals as ‘Big Boys Toys’, builds a wide range of medium and heavy-duty vehicles for both the civilian and military markets. They pride themselves on producing the coolest, biggest, noisiest and most unreliable trucks money can buy…It’s the American way!

Time once again to bid you all farewell, before we go, remember:

“Every time you say fairies don’t exist your meds get dialled back and you move one step closer to being discharged…”. Still not cracked that one myself.

Be sure to join us again next week for yet another bitesize taste of all that is DOTI.