Greetings pop pickers, it’s time to dust off the turntable and get into the nostalgia groove. Yes, today is ‘National Vinyl Record Day’, and I hear that vinyl has made something of a comeback recently. I remember it the first time around when music was measured in inches and rpm’s…so long ago.

OK folks, let’s check out the label and see what we have cued up for you this week. 

We are still heavily focused on backend improvements and developments. While this work is vital to move us nearer our initial launch goal, we endeavour to bring you as much in the shiny visual department as we can…so here goes!


Movin’ and a Groovin’

More from the animation team, things are really looking smooth and fluid and we haven’t finished yet.

So yah! Let’s all jump for joy!

Clyde seems to be feeling a little crabby today, or this is a new dance craze?

Sound tactics Clyde, a fresh mag helps ensure you don’t die from a lack of shooting back!


Anecdotal Storytelling

We have been investigating ways to present story elements visually, outside of a traditional mission/questing system. While we intend on having such a mission system, we are looking for ways to present a story-rich world as the player explores and strives to survive.

To this end, we are developing an anecdotal form of storytelling. This involves presenting the player with a snapshot of events that occurred at the location before, after and during the infection outbreak. These snapshots may have random elements that will allow the scene to vary. This will allow the story to change from location to location using the same assets to present a variety of scenarios, gameplay options and choices to the player.

The anecdotal system will allow locations to serve more purpose beyond the traditional generic lootable area while giving each encounter a unique flavour and place within the story.



Dilligaf Motorcycles is excited to announce their forthcoming addition to their motorcycle catalogue. The cycle has been identified as the 750V, it reportedly has a 755 V-line engine. We have managed to get hold of these new prototype pictures from an inside source within the Research and Development department.

Here it is a little further down the production line with a nice red paint job, which Dilligaf assure us, will help it go faster. We hope to bring you more on this exciting development as soon we get the carrier pigeon back to our man on the inside.


Ornaments and Adorn…a…ments?

Up next, another selection from our growing catalogue of props. These props serve to bring our world to life, to give it depth and convey an ambience to the player.

Our props are going through a UV mapping pass, whatever that is…no one tells me anything, especially technical stuff.


Canards’ Fire Service Roars into Action

The fire truck we showed off a few weeks ago has now received its engine sound effects, just the wailing sirens to go and it will be ready to roll!


That’s it, that’s your lot, this is the end, we have nothing more for you insatiable, info junkies. Well until next week when we will be back with more news, updates and reveals.

So we bid you farewell and hope to catch you on the fli…fli…fli…fli…flipside, sorry scratched record.