Yay! It’s June third, that makes it National Chocolate Macaroon Day…Happy Macaroon day to all you chocoholic, coco’nutty survivors, may your macaroons remain nibble free come the apocalypse.

Enough sweet talking, let’s get down to business and take a look at what the team have been up to this week. But before we do, why not add to the experience and listen to another original composition from our music files while you read…sit back relax and enjoy!

This week: Suit up we’re going hunting



Building System

Last week we revealed that work had begun on our player hideout build system, here are some very early examples of what we are working on. First up is a short GIF showing the early iteration of the component placement system:

The second picture below shows an example of a room built with our system. It should be noted that the building blocks are currently unrendered and the character displayed is the old model version.

We are very excited about this new addition to the game and will keep you posted on how construction goes over the coming weeks. We strive to have it in players hands soon.  


Character Model Update

Hush now! Let us sneak in and see if we can get a peek at our new character model and see how things are shaping up! So here they are…presenting the happy, more rounded, couple… Bonnie and Clyde

Lots of heartfelt love for those boxers there Clyde, you old romantic you!  


Environment and Map

Continuing on from last weeks first look at our road generator tech, we take a closer look at how our main roads look in towns and urban areas. In addition, all the buildings shown can be entered and fought over, no locked doors or empty facades to frustrate the player.

We have also begun work on designing and concepting our mission/group play POIs. This week’s offering is the concept art for the Electrical sub-station. This POI will provide free power to player bases within a radius of the station and will need to be periodically cleared of infestation to keep it running. Should it be lost, then players will be forced to forage for drops of diesel to run their generators, instead to keep their bases powered for free.




The mechanics, technicians and boffins have been busy down in the Holy Fire garages this week. They are well on their way to finishing the panel van, the FR8 by Miasma Motors. This will be used as a basis for many van-based vehicles such as ambulances, delivery vans, getaway vehicles and much more.



Background and Lore

All of our vehicles rely on local manufacturers for parts and spares, spark plugs are manufactured right here in Canard by Neptoid Automotive. Neptoid is a small company that recently moved its manufacturing centre to Canard only last year…great timing guys!



Work in Progress

Other notable mentions in our current development cycle are:

  • Continued work on the sound effects for our helicopters
  • Implementation of our terrain building systems
  • Expansion of the player inventory interface
  • Revamp of our weapon models


So, that ends a fun packed seven days and a Devlog filled with information to moisten even the driest of parts. Things are really picking up pace now. Stay tuned for more eye-popping goodies full of juiciness next week. Stay healthy and try not to get mangled, mauled or munched! Oh, and enjoy those delicious Macaroons…Catch’ya next week!