Hello again, we hope you are all healthy and eating those yummy greens especially as today is ‘Eat your vegetables’ day’ (or you don’t get dessert!) So get in touch with your inner rabbit and get nibbling.

So what cornucopia of healthy goodness do we have for you this week?


Musical Moments

First another foray into the mysterious melodies of the DOTI Hit Parade, this week we have a haunting piece called ‘Snow Blindness’. We hope you enjoy this aural interlude and like us, look forward to hearing this within the game.

‘Snow Blindness’


Terrain Tweaking

Our terrain systems continue to undergo implementation work, and this week has seen work on enhancing our ability to fine-tune our generated maps vegetation and prop placement.

An example of this is our generated grass software which can quickly generate grass while allowing us to control the density and extent. The system can also auto-populate our terrain with trees and bushes while still allowing us to adjust manually, place, or resize them when required for that more ‘tailored’ look.


Building a world in which to die!

This week we focus on the building of our towns, places to live, shop and die…not necessarily in that order!

The streets are currently empty but we are eagerly looking forward to the dulcet sound of automatic gunfire, streets running with rivers of blood and the unbridled chaos as looters hit the streets of downtown Canard.


Looks Bad…Sounds Great!

The SFX team have been testing out and tweaking the satisfying sounds of things going bad at the wheel. Soon your bad driving and disregard for road safety will be accompanied by a pleasing yet disconcerting crash, bang and maybe even a wallop.

During testing, we caught the stunt drivers having way too much fun down at the test track. It may look flippin’ fun and a barrel roll of laughs but remember, the damage comes out of your paycheck!


In-Game Art and Props

Canard County authorities have recently tendered for a wide range of public information signs, posters and other paraphernalia! It seems that now the apocalypse is here, graffiti is on the rise and local government are doing their best to provide an ample supply of free canvas!

With this in mind, we are in the process of creating everything from traffic signs to posters, newspapers to hoardings and much more besides. Many will be purely for decoration but be sure to keep your eyes peeled; some may convey important information vital to you as you navigate the apocalypse.



Lore Bites

Quite literally a ‘bite’ and possibly a nibble this week…

Not to be outdone by the vegetarian option offered by ‘Eat your veggies day’, Cojone’s have a special offer available down in Canard City. Their delicious full protein meatballs have now grown a whopping 10% bigger, enough to satisfy anyone’s protein priorities. So be sure to get your hands on your portion today.

Tuck right in…vegetables optional!

As I write this, a tear rolls slowly down my cheek. Yes, survivor, it is time to bid farewell to you and healthy eating for another week (well a year in the case of the vegetables)

We will return next week for another bitesize foray into all that is DOTI.