Another fun packed week of tweaks, fixes and continued development…so let’s get to it!


Build Updates and fixes

The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice a small change in the HUD markers that indicate the current active ‘hill’ in ‘King of the Hill’ mode. There have also been changes to the speed of point capture progress.

No more pesky ‘already logged in’ messages. The error was due to players’ clients not being up to date. A check now runs to verify that a player’s client version is up to date.

Stop! Cancel that doctor’s appointment, the purple blood was a bug…all should be back to normal when haemorrhaging vital fluids.

In the current build, we accidentally introduced a bug that stopped players shooting each other, it was fixed quickly so you may have missed it…seems we inadvertently loaded the weapons with blank ammunition! The armourer has been put up against the wall and we can confirm the new ammunition works just fine.


Work in Progress

Work continues on the audio for our new upcoming vehicles and we are in the process of adding the audio to the Semi-Modular Truck.

Medkits are on their way to help keep you in the fight that little bit longer

We are creating the UI for the upcoming in-game leaderboard which will allow players to monitor their status within the match. We will get this into the game as soon as it’s ready.

The vehicle boffins are continuing their tinkering on the Skylift helicopter which is slated for future release.

Progress continues on the new character model with the team working on character animation, stances and hands. So, players will soon be able to get a grip on simulated reality and grasp the finer points of a make-believe world while looking good!

As promised here is a sneak peek…

Hope to see you all in-game and please, keep reporting those bugs! Until next week, stay safe and free of infection!

Other changes and fixes:

Added – [Cuyi] Server; check client version to restrict access when running a different version
Changed – [Ben] Project Settings; scripting runtime now uses .net 4.x, scripting backend now uses IL2CPP
Changed – [Ben] Whiplash Winter; improved OC, navmesh and re-baked unbaked lighting
Changed – [Cuyi] King of the Hill; new HUD markers for hills
Changed – [Cuyi] POI; made poi capture progress degeneration slower
Changed – [Cuyi] Server;  stop using extra scene to create game room
Fixed – [Ben] Particles; purple blood particles, fire effects
Fixed – [Ben] UIFeaturedArticle; date time compliance issues with .net 4.x
Fixed – [Ben] DefaultBallisticObject; players can’t hurt other players
Fixed – [Ben] ConnectionToMaster; race issues
Fixed – [Ben] ClientSocketWs; uri compliance issues
Fixed – [Cuyi] Misc; Compilation errors caused by degeneration rate
Fixed – [Cuyi] Choose Gear; modal windows would briefly show on player death
Fixed – [Cuyi] Notifications; some kill notifications where lost when the killer died too quickly
Fixed – [Cuyi] Client; reconnecting after disconnect would cause errors due to game mode not being reset
Fixed – [Cuyi] King of the Hill; the close hill UI bar would show full once captured
Fixed – [James] Particles; dotted particles