We’ve just updated our public development server to version 0.1.11! This build focused a lot on audio. We have all new weapon sounds in-game as well as echo sounds for distant gun fire. This allows you to track people’s position when they’re firing. Zombie sounds were also adjusted so they sound like they are in 3D space instead of blaring in your ear no matter how close you were to them.

The audio level settings are now adjustable in the game settings menu. If you have played the game previously be sure to increase the volume or you won’t hear anything in-game! For previous players it is defaulted to 0 since they were disabled until this build.

We also added a lot of new features to the main game menu. You can now visit the rewards platform with 1 click and be automatically logged in to complete your daily achievements and to grab your free daily reward! You can also see the latest featured news and video without ever having to leave the game.

There were also enhancements made to the camera effects we’re using. Let us know if you like the new look!

To play this latest build on our development server you’ll need to change your branch on Steam. Check out this article for more information! VIEW ARTICLE

Be sure to join our Discord server for updates and sneak peaks at new builds.