Hey there, this build brings some great new features. We’ve added a sniper scope and more details for the weapon wheel. To use the sniper scope hold down your right mouse button, and use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

We’re currently working on a brand new game mode so stay tuned for some sneak peaks!

Full patch notes:

Added – Weapon; sniper scopes now reduce aim speed when zooming in
Added – Weapon Wheel; now shows details about the selected weapon
Added – Settings; vsync option
Added – Weapon; sniper scopes
Changed – Settings; full screen is now exclusive
Changed – WeaponManager; increased sniper rate of fire (WIP)
Changed – Audio; removed zombie brains audio
Fixed – Audio; sectr warning
Fixed – Audio; reload sfx would fade if you moved mid-reload
Fixed – CharacterCombat; ammo isn’t loaded when reloading but is still consumed [regression]
Fixed – WeaponManager; missing shotgun audio files