Tired of selecting weapons each time you die or log in to play DOTI?

Then use DOTI Gear Loadouts!

Gear load-outs allow you to set up a pre-saved weapon, gear and cosmetic skin sets to get yourself equipped and into the fight quicker.

(Gear and Cosmetic skins coming soon)

To create a loadout:

  • Start ‘Day of the Infected’ from your Steam Library
  • Click the ‘Inventory’ tab located on the left of the menu screen (1)
  • Select ‘New Loadout’ in the ‘Select Loadout’ area to the right of the screen (2)
  • Choose the items you want in your loadout
  • Give the loadout a name (3)
  • Click save (4)

Now each time you log in to DOTI or die in-game you will be able to quickly select a saved loadout and return to the fight with a minimum of wasted time.

You can currently have up to 25 individual loadouts to cover varying playstyles or game modes.

If an item in your loadout has run out of ‘uses’ you will be asked if you wish to purchase an additional one time use for that item before entering the game.

You are free to purchase a full replacement at any time by visiting the HQ Shop

All purchases are made using your free credits earned via the HQ rewards site

Tip: If you have inferior or low-quality items in your inventory you can sell them for credit via the HQ Shop and use the credit to purchase higher grade gear and equipment.

Check it out for yourself now by PLAYING Day of the Infected HERE.

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