Good news…today is DOTI update day!

It has been a busy couple of weeks and we have new content in addition to lots of bug fixes and improvements.


Vehicles are driveable…New vehicle demo!

We know you have all been longing to drive those vehicles dotted around the game, now you can. We now have a new vehicle demo for players to hop into and try out selected models, this first iteration comes with the iconic Humvee, the nippy Buggy and the menacing Black Mamba bus.

More vehicles will be added as we go and eventually we will integrate them into the full game modes to give you a host of new ways to create mayhem.


New Poll launched

With each new build, we will give you the chance to influence the progress of the game’s development. To achieve this we have implemented a new poll system which is accessible via the menu screen when you log into the game or access it here Build Poll.


Other additions

Players can now choose low, medium, high shadow quality settings through the main menu settings screen (currently not available in the in-game settings menu). This should help with visuals and help those with low-performance issues.

The server browser will now show:
– the ‘ping to server’
– Server location (country)


Changes and Fixes

Changed – Menu; decreased item tile size on the gear selection screen
Changed – Menu; changed camera background to black to stop edge bleed
Changed – Ammo; ammo objects now use a GPU instanced PBR material
Changed – Main Menu; hide daily reward button when already claimed
Changed – HUD; improve style of weapon info text in circle selector
Changed – HUD; make compass scale with resolution
Changed – Menu; update daily tasks URLs
Changed – Whiplash; Setup colliders ready for vehicles
Changed – Weapons; are now instanced and use PBR materials
Fixed – Weapon; DPS was incorrectly shown on weapon tooltips
Fixed – Whiplash; duplicate ammo spawners
Fixed – Whiplash; duplicate zombie spawners
Fixed – Spawner; could spawn one extra particle effect on game entry
Fixed – Main Menu; Correctly hide daily rewards and polls buttons on game start.
Fixed – Game UI; fixed settings not working
Fixed – Misc; fixed combat SMG position


For further information on the game visit us here ‘Day of the Infected


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