It’s time to use your head, duck down and take one to the knee!

Yes folks, it’s new build week with lots of new and juicy additions to enjoy!

NOTE: The new build is currently only available on the ‘Development Branch’. For instructions on changing branch visit: HQ Quick start guide



Damage multipliers now are in! Yay! Getting hit in the head now really hurts while getting shot in the leg is a real pain in the butt. Headshots now cause triple the damage of hits to the body, taking one in the ‘knee’ or even the elbow currently does half the damage.

We have also added hit direction indicators which will help reveal the direction of incoming fire. Now you will at least have the consolation of knowing from which direction your pointless* and often meaningless death originated.

* There are no pointless deaths in DOTI, your death will always award points to someone!



As mentioned last week, two new vehicles are being added to the vehicle test mode. The new Modular Truck and the shiny red Fire Truck can now be seen in the demo. Currently, they are not driveable, but they are parked up in the game for you to drool over while we work on the pesky physics and mechanics for them. They are slated to be driveable in the April 15th build.


King of the Hill

Fed up of wasting valuable ammunition on your friends and allies? Tired of being scared of your own shadow? Then great news! Friendly players now come with handy markers so, “sorry I thought you were the enemy” will no longer cut it when you shoot a friend in the back of the head. And, yes friendly fire makes a ‘welcome’ return with this new addition…so check fire people!

We have also implemented a new scoring system within the ‘King of the Hill’ game mode.

Points will now be awarded overtime while holding a ‘hill’ and a bonus of 60 points is awarded for completing the capture process.

Great news for all you burger chomping, beer-guzzling couch potatoes out there, we have taken pity and taken steps to ensure you don’t need to take so many! Randomly selected POI ‘hills’ will now be less likely to spawn at opposite ends of the map. While this should cut down on those long hikes, it will also result in the infected zombies reaching you much faster and in far greater numbers…won’t that be fun?


Other changes and fixes:

Changed – ConnectionToMaster; now continues to check if a connection is lost to the master server
Changed – ServerCharacter; now uses EntityDamageModelLinks if present to deal damage multipliers
Changed – Whiplash; graphics changes
Changed – Vehicles; Adjusted some vehicle acceleration values
Changed – POI; now it is possible to rotate points
Changed – Zombie AI; zombies don’t hold a grudge forever anymore
Fixed – Audio; excluded audio debugging from being included in builds
Fixed – ServerSocketWs; no longer throws a WebSocket exception on startup
Fixed – Voice Chat; dissonance wasn’t working
Fixed – POI; it wasn’t possible to fully recapture POIs
Fixed – POI markers; the extended ring model was wrongly placed
Fixed – Zombie AI; zombies getting stuck due to detecting players that weren’t close enough to chase
Fixed – Scoring; rounding error was causing extra points per second being scored
Added – slope limiting; prevents players from climbing the mountains


Work in progress

The audio team are continuing their work on improvements to ambient SFX and the audio for the new incoming vehicles.

We also have a new aircraft in the pipeline, a Skylift inspired helicopter (yes DOTI will have aircraft woot!) It’s early days but here is a sneak peek:

Aircraft will appear further down the road, or should that be air corridor? In the meantime, here’s a bonus sneak peek of the C130 transport going through its airworthiness checks.


The team are in the process of designing and building a new ‘survival’ map which we will be unveiling in the not too distant future. More details on this new map and game mode will be released as we move forward with its development.

Progress continues on the new character model, we are working tirelessly and will get it out to you as soon as we feel it is ready for players to break, abuse and shoot full of holes.

Fishing is on its way! The new fishing mechanic will require players to wear red gnome suits and pointy hats while dangling their little worms into the salty lake of despair! All sounds a bit fishy to us. 


Poll Results

The two items selected in last weeks poll were:

1 – Medkits – stave off those pesky deaths, staunch the flow of blood pumping from that ugly gaping wound and rejoin the fight!

2 – Scoreboard – An in-game scoreboard that will display just how bad you and your team really are!

These additions will be scheduled for addition to the next build on April 15th

So that’s it for this build, hope you enjoy this update and don’t forget the weekly play test every Wednesday at 1600 and 1800 UTC, your best chance to kill a dev and steal their stuff!

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So until next time…be careful out there and stay healthy survivor!