An all new game mode is now available…Time to check out the new ‘Capture mode’ in Day of the Infected!

Your mission, should you be foolish enough to accept it, is to clear key locations and capture them to gain advantages over the enemy forces opposing you. Each held location awards a unique bonus to you and your allies regardless of their location. The more your team controls, the greater your chances of success in the epic ongoing struggle. Capturing a location is as simple as ensuring it has your teams flag flying defiantly over it.

You have just 30 minutes to succeed in your mission to outclass and outscore your opponents. Grab as many points* as possible by capturing key strategic locations, weapons, money and killing anything that moves. Watch out for your allies though, friendly fire is always a danger in the harsh cruel wilderness.

*zombies earn your team 1 point, opposing players earn your team 2 points per kill

Capturing a flag doesn’t directly award points but it does further your cause and give you greater power in the struggle for total domination. To capture a flag simply stand near it while heroically failing to get your head blown off, remember the enemy is never far away! You may need to clear the area too, you cannot capture a contested location when an enemy is close at hand.

Note: flags that have been captured by the opposition will need to be flipped to a neutral state before capture commences. This will mean it will take twice as long…Oh, what fun!



There are currently five key locations to capture and control:

Own Team Base

Holding your teams home base will ensure that all those in your team will be able to spawn there in relative safety. Losing it to the enemy may result in your spawning randomly in inhospitable locations alone and separated from your allies.

Opposition Team Base

Capturing the opposing team’s Base forces your enemies to spawn randomly across the map instead of at their base. However, there may be an advantage to your not capturing the location instead, you may choose to become a predatory sniper eliminating the recently reborn.

The Lake

Capturing the Lake grants access to military drones that fly overhead. These unseen allies will paint your enemies for short, intermittent periods so they become visible no matter where they hide. Painted targets will periodically have a marker displayed over their heads corresponding to their team color. The downside? The lake is isolated, open and a snipers dream location…good luck sitting around out there on the cold barren ice.

The Military Base

The Military Base provides your team with bonus protection against gunfire. However it may prove to be a tricky position to capture, the flag is mounted high on the roof of the complex and can easily be defended.

The Outpost

The Outpost was previously the home of a medical station and capturing it may well keep you and your team alive just that bit longer. Holding the outpost will allow you and all those in your team to heal over time.

How you win is up to you and your allies, what tactics will you employ and what secrets will you uncover while exploring the forests around you? In the end, the winners will be those left standing when silence returns and the smoke has cleared!

Good hunting!


Check it out for yourself now by PLAYING Day of the Infected HERE.

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